Clayton, Australia: Water for Health by Monash Health hospitals and community sites

For World Oral Health Day on Friday 20th March, Monash Health Dental Services in Melbourne, Australia, is encouraging everyone to look after their oral health by replacing sugary drinks with water.

Starting in March, Monash Health staff and community members will be invited to participate in an Oral Health Water Challenge to choose tap water over other drinks for 30 days straight. This can be started at any time.

Switching to water benefits oral and general health, including: 

  • Improve oral health by helping to prevent tooth decay, one of the most common diseases in Australia
  • Save money
  • Help with weight loss
  • Absorb nutrients and flush out waste products
  • Maintain blood pressure and skin health

These benefits have been communicated to all Monash Health staff in the newsletter as part of Nutrition month activity for the whole organisation. In addition, display stalls will be held across the major hospitals on 20th March 2020 to educate staff on improving oral health.

To assist staff to choose tap water, reusable water bottles with the Monash Health logo will be available for purchase. The bottles were launched on 28th February, and the first bottle was bought by Dr. Gitika Sanghvi, President of Australian Dental Association Victorian branch. All profits will be donated to support bushfire affected communities in East Gippsland, Victoria.