Al Jizah, Egypt: Unite for Mouth Health (Online Campaign) by Dental Students' Scientific Association of Misr University for Science & Technology University (DSSA-MUST)

As usual every year, we were working to organize the "World Oral Health Day" in the best manner. But unexpectedly this year, in solidarity with the "World Health Organization", we have cancelled all arrangements for the World Oral Health Day (WOHD) due to the repercussions associated with the emerging coronavirus.Therefore, we will rely on comprehensive awareness of oral and dental health using awareness campaigns on social media such as (Facebook and Instagram).

Those campaigns include:

1. "I pledge to": In continuation to the world oral health day campaign, I pledge to:
▪ We will make frames that carry different pledges and different messages in both Arabic and English languages to spread the pros of the pledge to maintain oral and dental health.
▪ We will post videos of the world oral health day campaign on our YouTube channel, Facebook page & Instagram account (With Arabic subtitle on YouTube & Facebook).

2. #ForAlmostEverythingAlmost Campaign's idea revolves around known myths about dentistry and oral and dental health In which every post addresses a myth and why it’s wrong and its correction. The main purpose of this campaign is to correct misconceptions that are widespread among people and have been known to be true long ago.

3. "A Tooth For Giveaway": The Campaign idea revolves around the wrong habits that we do, and we know that they are wrong, but we underestimate their danger to the teeth. Each post addresses, in a scientific way, one of these prevailing bad habits and the extent of their severity and their impact on the health of the teeth which can lead to the loss of teeth completely The main purpose of the Campaign is to educate people about the seriousness of the wrong acts that they underestimate, their actions, and their impact on their oral and dental health.

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