World Oral Health Day: Say AHHH Awareness Campaign with JADS

This WOHD event will be focused on providing awareness to the member of society regarding multiple oral health topics such as:

1. The oral health mirrors the body's health.

2. Risk factors for oral diseases, specifically explaining how each affect the oral cavity, and how to prevent oral diseases.

3. How to maintain children's oral health, demonstrations of the correct and most suitable teeth brushing technique, early signs of oral disease and how to manage it. 

4. Most common manifestations of the most prevalent systemic diseases in Jordan and when to seek treatment. 

The event will also include explaining to individuals how to make sure they cleaned their teeth thoroughly by the use of disclosing tablets.

Also, fun activities will be provided such as asking dental health related questions to individuals and giving gifts to those who answer correctly.

Brochures of the most important information said in the event will be given away too. 


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