Svjetski dan oralnog zdravlja 2019 (World Oral Health Day 2019)

This year we're making our event bigger and better than ever! Why stop at 1 day? Let's talk about oral health during this whole week!

Starting on Monday 18th March, we will "go on tour" and educate all types of people about oral health. Pre-school children, children that have just started elementary school, teenagers, students, future mothers, the elderly and everyone that might be interested in talking about oral health.

Our grand finale will be on Friday 22nd March on Cvjetni trg (Flower Square) from 9:00 to 14:00 where we will be educating and informing everyone about oral hygiene and oral health, how to maintain it and achieve it through fun activities.

You can follow each day of our activities by clicking on our Social Media link (Facebook page)!


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