Photo competition to encourage daily brushing

Happy Kids Dental is the largest paediatric dental clinic in the UK and promotes a preventive approach to dental healthcare.Â
That is why we encourage every child to take part in the global oral health awareness initiative - World Oral Health day.

We have prepared a list of activities for the Oral Health Day in 2019:

1)30 day challenge with opportunity to win prizes (ends 30th April, prize sent to the winner - first week of May)

Tooth brushing chart was created in order to promote the importance of daily oral hygiene. Children need to make a selfie with a chart and tag #WOHD19 #lovetobrush and will automatically enter the prize-draw with an opportunity to win various prizes and the Harry Porter Tour

- website page about the 30daychallenge (will be launched 14 March, promotion on google and social media (Will start on 18th March)
- leaflets about World Oral Health Day and the importance of brushing will be distributed to over 300 school children during our educaitonal school visits in March and in April.
- Tooth Wizard walking on the streets and giving away 30day tooth brushing charts to children in the Central London. Over 500 charts will be given away

2)Event with influential mom-bloggers on the 23d of March.

We have teamed up with over 30 bloggers to talk about World Oral Health Day, the importance of prevention at each stage of the child's life. And all bloggers will talk about the 30 day challenge. The press release will be distributed to all London/ UK media, inviting the to join the conversation

We encourage everyone to take part in the challenge and brush the teeth twice a day! Its one of the easiest ways to protect the mouth and body 

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