Health enters Body through Mouth

In September 2018, continuous campaign for the prevention of oral diseases, which is continuously implemented by Dentistry of Primary Health Care in the Nišava district through monthly lectures and sessions in schools and local communities, was named Say Ahh, Act on Mouth Health with the added motto Health Enters Body through Mouth according to the Serbian proverb. Based on FDI checklists for children, adults and goverments, on February 4th this year, a survey of parents and adults was initiated with the aim of conducting surveys of politicians at the top of the authority too; surveys should be completed by WOHD 2020. This year, under the patronage of the City of Niš, in cooperation with Nišava District and the School Administration of Niš, in the Čair Sport Centre on March 20, Dentistry of Primary Health Care will organise the event called Health Enters Body through Mouth for children and students of all educational levels and their teachers with participation of students of Secondary Medical School and Secondary Hospitality School and members of the Student Cultural Centre as performers.  

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