World Oral Health Day- Promotion in Kosovo

Oral Health Day Promotion in Kosovo

Besa Begu, dental hygienist- Founder of the NGO- Center for Preventive Dentistry and the first hygienist in Kosovo, has been promoting oral health over the years. She has been organizing many projects and events in raising awarnness among people in Kosovo.

Oral health in Kosovo is in bad condition with an alarming situation and high prevalence of caries with almost 95%. This year Center for Preventive Dentistry has been organizing lectures for chidren in first grade. The lectures consisted of information about caries, causes, the role of sugar and healthy food in relation to teeth and preventive care. The children also recived one tooth brush and a brushing chart to keep track of their toothbrushing for one month. The aim is to establish a daily routine of toothbrushing twice a day. The day was fantastic with many happy children and a lot of beautiful little smiles.

Center for Preventive Dentistry also created an animation for social media with the aim of raising the awarness among the people of Kosova about the main causes of bad oral health in Kosovo. This year we decided to focus on "bad" factors that effect the oral health in Kosovo like:

-The mouth is not considered as part of the general health

-Most of people visit the dentist only when they have pain

-Lack of maintaining a good oral hygiene

-High sugarconsumtion

The slogan in the end: "Take care of your oral health, because its part of your general health". 


The animation was posted in all social medias.

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