Say "TAIHS" ("tAAHs")

A month long campaign to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families to have their medical health checks and get dental referrals for dental examinations and preventative, curative and rehabilitative dental care.  Not only do we focus on mothers but we also encourage men to see the dentist and bring their whole family along.

The Townsville Aboriginal and Islanders Health Services (TAIHS) was established in 1974. At that time, it was the fourth Aboriginal community controlled health service (ACCHS) established in Australia, and was part of the wider move for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to take control of the delivery of health care services in their communities.

TAIHS has outsourced Project Outback Dental (POD) Pty Ltd to ensure that all TAIHS patients are provided timely and excellent dental services.  All dental services are complimentary for eligible TAIHS clients.  Dr Joel Abraham, Dr Casey Townsend, Ms Rosalind Kennedy, Heather Holden, Bria Cusack, Michelle Keys, Nathaniel Layug, Tyrone Hussey, Hayley Prien and Carley Mauger comprise our dental team who are passionate about oral health as an integral part of one's overall health and wellbeing.