Say ahh with LADS - WOHD 2018

Lebanese Association of Dental Students (LADS)
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Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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Event description: 

As future dentist, we have message to deliver to our colleagues, friends and society, it's not only that dentist are visited when you notice a decay or unbearable tooth ache, but emphasizes on the educational, preventive role that we also master to guide our patients to healthy mouth and so a healthy body.

This year, LADS chose World Oral Health Day 2018 to be both educational and amusing, so that we can flexibly teach our colleagues (from different faculties and universities) the critical methods of oral hygiene and why is it important to maintain and introduce them to our specialties and when would they need every specialty itself.

At the same time, we created simple but fun games to attach those principles we explained above, to break patient-dentist barrier and spread oral health awareness, including templating prizes and award, to complete our program, we invited students (many ages) from different schools se we can spread more awareness and preparing our community to prevent oral and dental problems.

The event will be held in the main campus of Beirut Arab Univeristy.

Learn, Play and Win!!! laugh

Work plan and procedures: 

The event is planned by a big cooperative team and organized by subgroups, each with definite task, but all serving one goal; promoting oral health awareness and emphasizing on the preventive methods to maintain a good oral health and hygiene.

  • Scientific committee: responsible of collecting all the scientific info for poster and plan for entertainment and educational games.
  • Social media officer and editor: prepare all the poster related to awareness and event posters plus all social media posts. Tv and radio advertisement.
  • Fundraising and sponsoring: there main goal to collect as much as possible sponsors, that will help in awareness (company with dental products) or for prizes.

All LADS members will be involved in this event as awareness provider or as organization team.