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Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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AFTER defeating ISIS in our region and Mousil city , our public in last few years lost interest in oral health , WOHD18 is an extremely great way to remind our public about their health and oral health,in oral health day of 2018 as Kurdistan dental health organization our main goals and objectives are to impart information about health in such way that our audience are motivated to use that information for advancement of their own, his family’s or his community’s health. That includes informing people, motivating and guiding them into action to reach to final goal. KDHO intends to develop oral health programmes to improve general health Strengthen systems and methods for oral health surveillance, both processes and outcomes

Work plan and procedures: 

1 . prison event A/ dental checkup and hygiene awareness to the juvenile prison in Erbil and sulaimani city B/ distribution of free tooth paste and brush C/ mobile dental clinic for simple treatments as scaling and polishing 2. MOUSIL CITY AND INTERNALY DISPLACED PEOPLE After defeating ISIS, people for the last few years remained prisoned and they lacked oral health services A/ hygiene promotion B/free dental checkup C/ distribution of tooth paste and brush D/ scaling and polishing F/ simple treatment with mobile dental clinic 3. Education and school based programs: A. trained school health providers and educators on oral health issues. B. Provid appropriate grade-level oral health education in both public and private schools. C. distribution of tooth brush, tooth paste to children to replace their old ones and encourage them more. D. distribution of healthy food charts to be hanged in classrooms and cafeteria 4. Handouts and brochures A/ Distribution of brochures in colleges, street campaigns 5. Displays A/ An eye catching displays on roads and streets will be put so that it can grab people attention for oral health day and for reminding them about oral health even if they are waiting at red traffic lights 6. Street shows -we approach our public in most crowded streets of our cities on 20th march which we have national festival of celebrating our Kurdish feast (Newroz) everyone is on the streets to celebrate this feast so it is great opportunity to give hygiene promotion and oral health awareness plus oral checkups 8. Dentist visit A/ many dentists volunteer with us in this event to give free dental check up and treatments at rural areas, streets, schools and peshmarga(army) bases 9. Flouride varnish and Atraumatic restorative treatment (ART) One of main works of KDHO is about public health we apply fluoride varnish for many schools and kindergartens as well as ART treatment in urban rural areas and refugee camps with our volunteers. 10. Media coverage A/ the team leader is presenter in Rudaw Tv so tv coverage about oral health day is one of our most strong tool to present to our public best service available we have great association with medias in our area so we have many shows and media coverage during our event at various areas and cities of Kurdistan TV, radio and newspaper 11. Toothpick replacement campaign with Floss in Kurdistan A/ some companies provid dental floss for the campaign b/a lot of restaurants provid a spot for placement of toothpick to dental floss c/ create simple graphic (leaflet) for use instruction of the dental floss d/social media coverage of the campaign 12. Social media (viber, whatsapp, snapchat, facebook, twitter, instagram) A/ send awareness message to users of asiacell and korek telecom the main two telephone service providers here. Same to viber and whatsapp number around the region B/event calendar and live facebook. instagram .twitter coverage as well as promotional/educational videos to be sponsored also. C/education short video to be aired on tv also as well as social medias (how to brush and how to floss ) 13.spring festival in various universities Participate to give hygiene awareness and promotion as well as dental checkup + some fun games about dentistry with the audience especially children