Say AHH if you're AHH-SOME - PADS 2018

It's Our Month, it's WORLD ORAL HEALTH month and we at the Palestinian Association of Dental Students are very thrilled to announce the launch of our campaign: " SAY AHH if you're AHH-SOME " starting the month of March. laugh

This Campaign focuses on raising awareness on the importance of Oral Health and its relation to the health of the whole body, offering free check-ups for as many people as possible *especially those from underprivileged areas* as well as treatment whenever necessary and allowing our students to play an effective role & actually help in their society to make it better. 


Our Campaign consists of: 

  1.  Creating short awareness videos * 9 videos to be widely spread in social media.
  2. Awareness and Check-up visits to various schools in the region *elementary and high-school*.
  3.  Well-informative content to be shared upon many radio station and TV channels regarding oral health and there will be keynote speakers. 
  4. Awareness and Check-up visits to various Universities in the region.
  5. Capital mall awareness campaign.

And for the Main Event that will be held in Al-Azhar University - Faculty of Dentistry, we're gonna have SO MUCH FUN!

you'll find new information in every corner, welcoming and enthusiastic students who would love to walk you through, free check-ups to be later treated and we'll keep the fun part to the day to come, come and pay us a visit to find out what it is, we will be waiting! wink  


In the meantime, keep on track with our social media: 





We love you and Happy WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY. heart

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