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AISO (Associazione Italiana degli Studenti di Odontoiatria)
Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Event type: 
Event description: 

AISO (Italian Dental Student Association), has decided to take part in WOHD.

We are going to organize info points in 16 different cities throughout Italy.

The info points will be located in Squares, Hospital, University and Schools.

We are going to take lesson about oral health in school and rest homes.

We think we can increase awareness about the importance of oral health of at least 10000 people.

Our purpose is to encourage people to take care of their oral health, because, according to our experience, they don't know the consequence of dental disease and the impact of oral health on quality life.


Work plan and procedures: 

The events will be held in a period from March 16th to April.

We have decided to cover a wider target of people, so the events will take place in different locations, both in schools and in nursing homes, squares and universities.

AISO National team will send brochure and gadgets, which will be useful during the events.


- Number of Volunteers Participated: 300

- Number of events (mention place and type of event): 16, each local association organized events

- Number of People we could increase awarness about oral health: 10000

- Sponsors (Mentions sponsors and amount of sponsorship): Te.Pe, Oral B, IDS Dental, Colgate