Oral cancer prevention campaign

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Friday, March 2, 2018
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One Maybe small step to a World with lesser number of victims of Oral cancer...
Oral cancer prevention campaignenlightened

This event was held on 2nd of march in national book Graden,Tehran,Iran. We chose this place because on fridays(our weekend),it is a crowded place for  family , their children and friends. 
a week before, we started preparing packs in order to distribute among people . These packs contained a piece of brochure inside about oral cancer and also free small bottles of mouth wash.
a night before we took everything to the venue, so that we can start with our campaign early in the firday morning. 

  • We were devided into 3 groups. one group consisting of 5th and 6th year students for were in charge to do oral examination, one group of other students tried to  distribute packs and informing about oral cancer and the last group was responsible for ways of preventionby teaching and showing how to brush.
  • It is good to mention that every material we had, was translated and edited a week before by our team to persian.

here are the links to : 
1. English poster : https://files.fm/u/6gmnxbdc
2. two persian posters : https://files.fm/u/625jzzqb#_

After more than 4 hours of our teamwork, we managed to distribute more than 1200 packages, educate many people from different generations about oral cancer and it's risk factors and also we did oral examination for more than 300 people.
link to our timelapse video : 
*** https://files.fm/u/bcf3jb6a

Link to some photos of our productive day! : ​
*** https://files.fm/u/e7k4qhaq

Thank you in the end for all the endevour that you guys make from all over the world , to make such events happen! heart

Work plan and procedures: 
  • Two weeks before : Dividing into different groups for preparing material, translate the,make posters,preparing logistics for examination,a group for finding venue,and marketing team.laugh
  • session held for all members.mail
  • One week before : venue was fixed, packages started to be packed, posters and brochures were ready to print out.yes
  • five days before: announcement was made to find volunteers from different semesters as oral examinators - juniors and seniors for explainging and educating. 
  • Four days before : a booklet was sent to different groups in order to explain more about their job description and generally the campaign.

              at the same time marketing started to share a poster in social media and wherever possible to inform about the date and venue of the campaign.

  • One day before : all of the logistics like dental mirrors and latex gloves, stands , packages and etc. were moved to the venue .wink
  • On the campaing day, marketing team filmed and documented everything and rest of the dental studets did what they have been chosen to be volunteer for.enlightened