National Dental Conveys 2018

Dental Students' Scientific Association of Egypt (DSSA.Egypt)
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Friday, March 2, 2018
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Event description: 

prophylactic capmign for poor villages
aim:1-awarness about systemic diseasesand the effect on oral helathand how to clen eir dentures
2-to teach the children the right way to clean their teeth and how to use tooth brushes and dental floss
3_to motivate and give the chance to poor people who don't have the financial ability to visit dentists
4_to collect the dental students from all over egypt in one place to learn from ech others and motivate working in groups and enrich their communication 
5_to reach the world oral health day idea"think mouth think healthy "to as much as people we can 

Work plan and procedures: 

we are divided mainly to two teams :
1-awarness teams :who comunicate with the community to tell them about world oral health day and how to be aware of thier helth and their teeth and how to brush their teeth and common helath disese that affect oral health 

2_clinic team divided to three sub groups 
a_diagnosis group :tell the people all their problems in their teeth then refer to the next two groups
b_periodontology group:to remove all their plaque and calculus to get healthy gingiva and give instructions to maintain this
c_surgery group:to extract hopeless teeth and save the others