Benghazi city - Think mouth, think health.

The University of Benghazi - Faculty of Dentistry -Libya , is planning to start a campaign from the 1st of March to the 20th of March, for the awareness of Oral health and it's relation to general health.

The faculty teaching staff , demonstraters, Intern doctors , and students are participating in this campaign, it includes:

  • Presentations for the awareness and the preventable measures for oral diseases.
  • A  workshop to demonstrate the oral hygiene measures.
  • An outspread sheets and leaflets will be distributed to public people, which contains information about : Periodontal disease, Dental caries, systemic disease and Pregnancy and oral health, Smoking , and Oral cancer.

This campaign will be done in Benghazi city and some of its rural areas, and will be extented to other Libyan cities like : Kufra , AlMarj, Bayda, Brega,  and Awjila.

It will cover most of the schools, special need centers, Diabetic clinics, Primary care centers, Employee of oil industry companies, and some hospitals.

On the 20th of March we will end our campaign with a symposium that will be held at Benghazi Medical center.




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