Am I missing a TOOTH? No one can take our SMILE away except bad habits! SO keep it away.

Egyptian Association of Dental Students "EADS"
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Friday, March 23, 2018
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A Campaign all over Egypt about how bad habits as pen biting, smoking, eating ice and lemon sucking etc .. can affect tooth health, support and cause easy and early  loss of it.

The campaign will be including more than 6 governorates in Egypt’s clubs, schools and universities. We are aslo targeting farmers and workers all over Egypt to raise their dental awarnes.



Work plan and procedures: 

Flyers about what are the bad habits and how they can affect tooth health 

number : 2000 flyers 

smaples : tooth pastes and brushes 

number : 1000 sample 

target : 

1- farmers and their families ..

2- school children 

3- universities' students 

4- clubs visitors 

we are starting the campaign in a small area containig farms and factories with the houses of workers and their families 

the campaign starts in 23/3 

the next step in the compaign is in clubs , schools , universities in each governorate to cover the biggest area in egypt 

the campaign is continous till 30/3 

Man power : 115