Abraham's Children Foundation School Oral Health Campaign Project

A child's Oral Health impacts on physical and mental health, school absenteeism and drop out rates.Abraham's Children Foundation is out to provide skill based oral health education to children. We promote healthy behaviour as a means of preventing oral health diseases in children.

Our fist visit to Alimosho Local Government on the 14th of March,2018 had over 500 children being taught the correct way to brush teeth, floss and maintain a good oral hygiene.

On the World Oral health day,that is 20th of March 2018, we will be visiting Jinadu Primary School,Lawanson and we will be reaching another 500 children using our skill based approach to oral health education.

Ours is a skill based approach to promoting behavioural change that will prevent oral health diseases amongg children and thereby reduce absenteeism rates in school.


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