World Oral Health Day (Live mouth Healthy)

Sardar Begum Dental College & Hospital (Gandhara University) is a pioneer private dental teaching institute in KPK with fully developed and well-equipped Dental Hospital. It has the most modern facilities required for treatment of patients at very economical cost as well as training of quality Dental graduates and post graduates. The state of the art dental facility caters to the oral needs of around 100 patients a day.

We regularly conduct different activities for community awareness and education to raise awareness of oral health and hygiene. This year we are planning to celebrate World Oral Health Day on 21st and 22nd March, 2017. The different activities which we have planned are as follow:

  1. Demonstration of correct brushing techniques to the patients as well as oral health education
  2. Free samples of tooth paste and tooth brushes to the patients along with medications
  3. Student table clinic presentations