World Oral Health Day Event

On 20th of March 2017 the WOHD we as Turkey are planning an event with 25 instructors and the Hatay team. As a big dental student group we will go to the Suleyman Shah primary school to give brushing technique and oral hygiene education to their 600 students. The training will start at 10 am and end at 12 pm. At the end of the day tooth brushes and paste will be give away to all the students.

Meanwhile, our Ankara team will visit the Umit Disabled Education Center to give important news about oral health care techniques. Our Zonguldak team plans to reach 500 shopping malls by setting up information desks. Our Izmir team will go to the Çiğli education volunteers foundation and provide an oral hygiene and brushing training. Our Trabzon team of 10 people will train homeless children in brushing their teeth. Our Istanbul team at Şehit Hüseyin Tunç school will give an oral hygiene training to children with autism with special education systems. Our Konya team has organized two fairs and with that earned money they will receive materials, which are needed for hospitalization in the oncology department to give an oral motivation training to those patients.