World Oral Health Day 2017

As part of the celebrations/events for the World Oral Health Day 2017, to be held in Amman/Jordan on the 29th of March 2017, The Jordan Dental Association (JDA) conducted a campaign in nine Governorates of Jordan simultaneously, through their JDA branches, where each branch selected a school to hold the events in. At these events, which were conducted by trained Dentists in oral health awareness methods, the following activities took place:

  • Lectures on oral health awareness were given as well as demonstrations, using dental models, on correct methods of brushing and oral hygiene.
  • Distribution of tooth brushes and tooth pastes to all attendees.
  • Distribution of day and night timetables to all attendees.
  • Distribution of oral health flyers and leaflets to all attendees.
  • A six minute oral health awareness movie was screened to all attendees.

All of the above was done under the WOHD 2017 slogan: "Live mouth smart". Awaiting for the main event for the WOHD 2017 to be held at the Royal Cultural Center in Amman/Jordan of the 29th of March 2017.

Thanks to Dr. Nicola Barghout, Head of the Oral Health Education Committee/The Jordan Dental Association for organizing and overseeing these events.

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