WOHD 2017

We have contacted with municipal authorities of 3 cities in Cyprus; Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta. We got permissions for placing pavilions in each city and enlighten citizens about the importance of oral health. The concept of the pavillons are world oral health day and we prepared posters and brochures to put on pavillons and distribute to citizens as well. We are planning to put mouth nd tooth brush models in pavilions to teach people how to brush and how to floss.We chose a primary school with 300 children with low socioeconomic level. we asked for permissions from families and headmaster of the school to make oral examinations of whole children.Our team also prepared coloring books in concept of oral health that will appeal to children. In the afternoon there will be a parents education about oral health and how to treat and encourage children about oral health. Headmaster of the school hired us a big saloon and we will be able to make presentations both for children and parents. also we have prepared tooth like models and will be able to put them on the classroom panels about what to eat and not eat for oral health and reminders when to brush. We will distribute brushes and toothpastes to children as well.