Oral Health begins with us!

- Workshop of Interpretation of blood tests (2 sessions): The aim of this activity is to encourage students to understand the importance of an integral approach towards their patients, because we as health professionals should know, understand and be able to guide the overall treatment of our patients. That's why we decide to open the WOHD with a general health workshop.
-"Coffee with experts": This activity consist in gather 3 experts of determinate dentistry area, in this opportunity we chose endodontics, and through 15 minutes each professor will have the opportunity to talk to students at the Faculty plaza with a coffee between them. And we as students will have the chance to ask and talk to the Doctors about our concerns. This dynamic is pretty useful, and kind of a dream, because in the classrooms must of the times we don't get an opportunity to share this close our doubts.
-"WOHD DAY": This will be our biggest event of the month. We all know that the prophylaxis should start from the little ones: the kids! So we decided to create an alliance with an NGO, called "Dr Yaso", this Charity organization aim is to visit National Hospitals in our country dressed as clowns and/or superheroes to bring joy to children diagnosed with cancer. However as we know, oral health is fundamental to receive that kind of treatment, so we are going to dedicate March 20th to teach, and help those wonderful kids with their oral conditions ( and of course we will dress funny and make them laugh and smile! that's the main point of our profession right?).