Let Iraq Sees Your Live Smile :)

The ICU Smile "Iraqi Community for Unified Smile" will hold many sub events in many of Iraqi cities but main event will be in the kirkuk city on the 19 March. The event will be held in Kirkuk Dentistry College and we will have students, doctors, professors, and volunteers promoting oral health and public awareness in everything related with the oral cavity health in this special day.

The main event includes:

  • Awareness raising brochures and posters
  • Posters of FDI and WOHD and ICU Smile
  • Free oral screening and check up
  • Diagnose and offering solutions for basic oral care issues where necessary
  • Giving away toothpastes and brushes for more than 100 children
  • Providing live oral pictures by intraoral cameras
  • An expo for students handmade dental accessories and jewelry
  • An expo for students talents and their work in addition to writings and paintings
  • Lectures and seminars about oral health care and orally related most common diseases
  • A journey in the faculty for students and people who interested in dental school and the nature of the works
  • Making a symbol related to dentistry by lining up students
  • Realizing some facts about dental habits
  • Demonstration for healthy foods that promotes teeth health
  • Demonstration for non healthy foods that hurts teeth health
  • Learning the right way for dental brushing procedure
  • A library for medical and dental books
  • Alibrary for students work during lab lectures
  • And many things that help to keep people live with smart mouth so healthy body