Defending against decay: Sealant Program at SIBAR

Oral health is not just disease free mouth. It is much beyond to include happily smiling, confidently speaking, and healthily living. Conveying this comprehensive nature of oral health through life is at the heart of this year's World Oral Health day theme, "LIVE MOUTH SMART". Supporting the great cause and celebrating the monumentous occasion, Department of Public Health dentistry, SIBAR Institute of dental Sciences is organising a sealant program at schools in the vicinity of the institution. the program includes screening children at schools for oral problems, application of sealants for teeth susceptible to caries, and provision of oral health education.

Telugu is the third most spoken language in India, estimated to be used by 74 million individuals. The oral health education program is planned in such a way to provide a rich learning experience for children using posters made in Telugu and models they can readily identify with.