Bright Smiles, Bright futures

The World Oral Health Day 2017 has the Caption "Bright Smiles, Bright future". Our Objectives are;
1. Focusing on Prevention; we aim to educate the unelightened masses in the rural communities on need to maintain Good Oral Hygiene practices (good Brushing habits, etc) which will reduce predisposing facors that are implicated in Oral health diseases before they occur

2. Equitable Distribution; We will take Our services to the indigent residing in remote villages who don't have access to Dental facilities and Oral health care services. This way we ensure we meet the dental needs of the less privileged, thus making an impact on humanity.

3. Get them young; focusing on the teenagers and Youth, Educate them on the need to maintain good Oral Hygiene, as this affects their smile which will affects their confidence and in turn their future.

4. Community Participation; We intend partnering with the Government, local government heads, traditional rulers and leaders, through education on importance of Good Oral health they see the need to provide preventive measure like flouridation of pipe-borne water, setting up more dental facilities within their community, etc.