The Egyptian dental association in collaboration with The British university in Egypt celebrating the Oral Health Day 2022


1-Oral health care awareness, dental and medical services Campaign for nearby and urban areas. The awareness highlighting the hazards of some chronic diseases as diabetes and hypertension and their effects on oral health and how to control. (1/2-31/3)

2- Within the framework of the presidential initiative (Decent Life) and as a part of its implementation efforts and believe of British university in Egypt in its role in community services ,4 Medical and dental convoys are being sent all over Egypt for Oral health care awareness as well as providing dental treatment in different specialties. The convoys also offer clinical pharmacy services as measuring blood pressure, Blood sugar level as well as body weight and height and calculating the body mass as a step for early discover of some chronic diseases that affect oral health (1/2- 31/3).

3- Hosting Children for sharing in a   competition and activities within the theme of the event of celebrating the oral health day (31-3).

4- Booth for giving away dental care sets and awareness instructions for oral health care for kids and adults (31-3)

5- Conference covering the new era of digital dentistry and providing dental and oral health care. (31-3)


El Sherouk City
Cairo Governorate

The Egyptian Dental Association / The British University in Egypt