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More than 530 million children (1/4 of all children) and 2.8 billion people (35% of the global population), suffer from untreated dental cavities, that can easily be prevented.


  1. Over 80% of cavities occur deep inside pit and fissure faults in back teeth where food is trapped, brushing can't reach and resident plaque bacteria change sugars to acid that demineralises teeth.  


  1. Dentists prevent these cavities by placing costly sealants over chewing surfaces to block food being trapped there, but only lasts 2 – 5 years and can’t reach whole populations and prevent untreated cavities.


  1. This indicates that simple personal sealant technology like chewing calcium rich cheese or sugar free gummy confection before eating to block food being trapped or left on teeth, can give the same protection as dental sealants and should be the major focus of all tooth care advice and oral health promotion with STEM school projects and glass models of a fissure that simulate the potential to prevent decay for everyone.


  1. Elastomer forces toothpaste inside fissure
    Oral Health STEM education should be in all schools with glass models of a fissure that replicate how chewing forces the first bite of most food, including cheese and sugar free gummy confection inside these faults, blocking access for more food like chocolate and has the potential to prevent most decay for everyone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpRtLx3WEiA


  1. Tooth bonds to eggshell
     Sealant quality is greatly enhanced by chewing low-soluble salt particles like edible calcium carbonate toothpaste with an elastomer strip before or after brushing to force the calcium inside these faults where the particles bond together and to tooth, neutralise acid and aid remineralisation, replicated in STEM education by demineralizing eggshells and a tooth in vinegar followed by remineralisation that bonds the shells and tooth together. https://youtu.be/Sigos79DGJg


  1. The lack of adequate quality oral health data for all age groups and real time access to a national database of standardized dental records currently result in poor policy and tooth care advice resulting in the need to spend more on treatment and hospital procedures for children.

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