3·20 World Oral Health Day - Stomatology Department of Maternity and Child Health Care of Zaozhuang in Old Campus is in Action


Since 2007, March 20 of every year has been designated as “World Oral Health Day” by the FDI(World Dental Federation), aiming to arouse people’s awareness of oral health care and improve people’s oral health literacy. The theme of “World Oral Health Day” in 2022 is “Be Proud of Your Mouth”, and the sub-theme is “Focus on Oral Health and Live a Happy Life”.

In response to the call of the World Dental Federation (FDI), to implement the guidelines and policies of “Healthy China Action (2019-2030)” and “Healthy Oral Action Plan (2019-2025)”, to guide the public to pay attention to oral health and improve oral health level, on the occasion of the World Oral Health Day on March 20, the Stomatology Department of Maternity and Child Health Care of Zaozhuang in old campus has actively organized a series of publicity and education activities on the theme of “Be Proud of Your Mouth”.

To carry out the popular science propaganda with the theme of “Be Proud of Your Mouth”, we put up posters of “World Oral Health Day” on the propaganda wall of the department to guide patients to fully understand the importance of oral health. Everyone has taken pictures with the posters as the background, with bright smiles and white teeth, speaking for a healthy oral cavity.

Children hold a billboard of “Loving and Protecting Your Teeth” to advocate the public to pay attention to oral health.

Ma Lili, Director of the Stomatology Department of Maternity and Child Health Care of Zaozhuang in old campus, actively participated in the online video recording of popular science. She uploaded a special video on “How to Protect Teeth in Daily Life” on Qilu Evening News • Qilu Yidian APP to encourage everyone to take action for a healthy oral cavity. At the same time, she held an online popular science lecture with the theme of “Caring for Oral Health, Happy Life”, live-streamed lectures on oral preventive health care, advocated correct oral health care methods, and maintained lifelong oral health.

Oral health care starts from children. On March 20, the “World Oral Health Day”, Director Ma Lili led the department’s medical staff to the pediatric outpatient department of the hospital to open the oral health lecture hall to educate the children and their parents about oral health care, and provide the free oral examination and personalized oral health guidance for children at the same time.

In order to improve children’s awareness of oral health care, the stomatology department of old campus also organized an online collection activity of “3·20 World Oral Health Day - Handwritten Newspapers for Loving and Protecting Teeth”, and prepared generous prizes for the children to attract the participation of many parents and children. It has further popularized the oral health education of children and adolescents, and spread the knowledge of teeth caring, and it is of positive significance to prevent and reduce the occurrence of oral diseases in children and to care for the healthy growth of children.

By organizing and carrying out the series of publicity activities of “3•20 World Oral Health Day”, we have popularized and disseminated the oral health knowledge to the general public, and enhanced the national oral health awareness. In particular, it is of great significance to help children develop good oral habits, reduce the prevalence of dental caries and improve the level of oral health of children.

“Be Proud of Your Mouth” and let’s act together!



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